Trust Is the Foundation for Promise Success – Focus Group Report Finds

Promise participant smiles and looks at DVR councelor

At the foundation, transition is about relationships! When we talked to Promise Counselors about how they were doing connecting to youth and their families, nearly everyone stressed the importance of building relationships. Relationships bridged people to people, people to services and resources, and people to opportunities.

Trust Is Key!

Whether counselors are bridging through social media, distance technology, or the old standby—face-to-face meetings, transition planning and meeting the needs of youth through educational opportunities and shared resources is more likely to be successful when the people involved trust and care about one another.

Despite the business of the modern life, really connecting encourages youth and their families to devote time to transition. When the teen or family member start to feel connected, opportunities open up and, not surprisingly, success leads to success.

Strong Relationships Lead to Increased Opportunities

Whether helping a family cope through the absence of a key person in the youth’s life or encouraging a teen to branch out and try something new, these bridges to opportunities are supported by relationships and lead to increased possibilities. Sometimes these relationships come together to form what people call social capital. One thing is for sure, without relationships social capital is a challenge to develop.

For more information about conversations with Promise DVR Counselors about what is working with Promise and what some of the challenges are, read our focus group report.

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