Wisconsin Promise Offers New Service to Address Challenging Teen Behaviors

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Telehealth Behavior Consultation Services

Challenging behaviors decrease a teen’s chance of finding and maintaining employment and good grades in school. It is important to understand why these behaviors are occurring and determine if they can impact future professional relationships and opportunities.

Some of these behaviors include; concentrating, staying on task, neglecting others or themselves’ personal care, cursing excessively, breaking or not following rules, and refusing to do expected house chores.

Of course, most teens have some of these behaviors and break the rules from time to time. But when these behaviors are ongoing, cause problems at work and school, or cause you to be concerned, you may need help in addressing them.

A New Service Designed to Answer your Questions…

Wisconsin promise Telehealth Behavioral Consultation Services addresses problem behaviors through a practical and innovative method – behavioral consultation services over the phone, tablets or desktop computers. The service is now available through Wisconsin Promise and seeks to provide immediate answers for parents about their teens’ behavior related issues and more.

This project is partnership of Wisconsin Promise and the University of Oregon to fill the need for trained behavior service providers in Wisconsin.

To learn more about these services, contact your Wisconsin Promise Counselor.

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