Promise Surveys

promise survey

You may be wondering about the text messages, letters, postcards, or other reminders from Wisconsin Promise about completing surveys.

We ask for your opinions (a lot!) so we can continue to improve our services and best help you and your family.

Your response is very important to us. So hang in there and if you have time to complete a survey – THANK YOU!

Upcoming Surveys

You can expect to get an invite to complete the following survey coming up soon!

Working Alliance Survey

Please click on the link below and complete the questions for the survey to the best of your knowledge.


Help us gather information about your relationship with your counselor and the services you are receiving with Promise. Survey for Teens

Parents & Families!

We want to hear from you too about your relationship with your counselor and your experience with Promise. Survey for Parents & Families

This survey is voluntary and will not affect your services with DVR or PROMISE.

If you have any questions or need assistance with completing this survey or any other survey, please contact your Promise DVR counselor and ask about the Working Alliance Survey.