Promise Lessons Learned

collage of promise participants surround the statement "you did it"

As Wisconsin Promise comes to an end, we learned several key lessons along the way. We always knew our Promise Youth were awesome, and now we have the data to support it.

Promise Youth

Those who met with a financial coach had five times as many jobs.

83% of those who had an Individual Development Account (IDA, matched savings account) were more likely to be employed.

What does this mean?

We learned a lot!

  • It’s important for youth with disabilities to have paid work experience while in high school.
  • Most Promise youth and families preferred benefits and financial counseling on an ongoing basis instead of receiving all the information at once.
  • Youth had higher employment rates when they and their families had higher expectations to what is possible to achieve after high school and who received training about how to access needed resources and services.

Want to learn more?

There are more results and recommendations.

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