Savannah: An Artist with Promise

photo collage of savannah bloechl

Savannah is an aspiring digital artist. She’s already sold a few of her pieces and has a goal of going to college and starting her own art business. She also participates in Promise due to her disability of Autism.

Inspired by a Hero

Savannah recently met Temple Grandin at a conference on Autism and is inspired by the experience. Temple spoke with Savannah, reviewed her artwork, and then gave Savannah her personal cell phone number and offered to be her mentor.  Savannah felt especially honored by this as she was told by others at the conference that Temple usually doesn’t do this.

Savannah’s mom, Wendy, told their Promise Counselor that without the services she receives from Wisconsin Promise, Savannah never would have been able to handle meeting Temple with such ease or talk to people at the conference. Savannah has said that meeting Temple has been the most important moment of her life.

Becoming Confident

Savannah’s growing confidence is showing in other areas of her life as well.  At school, she led her most recent Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting.    She also opened a Promise Matched Savings Account to save for a high powered laptop.  She’ll use the laptop to run digital art programs that will display the vibrant colors she uses, and also as she pursues her educational goal of finishing high school and going on to college.

Combining Talent with Financial Capability

Savannah is actively moving toward starting her own business. She’s looking into opening an Etsy store online where she’ll sell some of her sketches as well as polymer clay pieces.

 In addition to saving for a laptop that will run needed digital art programs, she’s taking advantage of Promise Financial Capability training to take on-demand classes about selling artwork online, smart pricing, and maximizing earning potential. She’ll also continue her financial capability training as she builds up her savings account.

Her Mother’s Pride

Wendy becomes emotional when she talks about her daughter’s experience with Promise. She’s never seen growth in her daughter like she has seen since participating in Wisconsin Promise, and it “makes her heart swell.”