Research Resources

This page includes resources and links for project research and data collection:

Online Data Collection Site

(login required to access) Site used to capture various pieces of grant related data, such as work incentive benefits counseling.

Survey Monkey

Site used to capture various grant survey data.

Wisconsin ForwardHealth Portal

The PROMISE Management Information System (MIS) is part of the Wisconsin ForwardHealth portal. PROMISE MIS users use the ForwardHealth Partner Portal for account management and access to the MIS.

Wisconsin PROMISE Management Information System (MIS)

(login required to access) Direct link to the PROMISE MIS data access tool. The PROMISE MIS is powered by BusinessObjects hosted on the Wisconsin ForwardHealth Partner Portal. BusinessObjects can also be accessed by logging into the Wisconsin ForwardHealth Partner Portal.

Wisconsin PROMISE Management Information System (MIS) Training Videos

(login required to access) The PROMISE MIS is a subset of the Long Term Care Data Warehouse. The Long Term Care Data Warehouse training material found at this link provides information on using BusinessObjects, the tool to access the data in the PROMISE MIS.

Wisconsin Promise Focus Group Report

For more information about conversations with Promise DVR Counselors about what is working with Promise and what some of the challenges are, read our focus group report. This report was created by the Wisconsin Promise State Formative Evaluation Team with Dr. Audrey Trainor and Dr. Cayte Anderson as leads. The team conducted focus groups with Wisconsin Promise DVR Staff and this report summarizes the results. The themes of what the Wisconsin Promise Staff have learned, particularly about youth and family engagement to date, are well highlighted with lessons learned that have application for Promise, vocational rehabilitation, and other partner agencies.