As a Promise participant, you’ve set work and school goals that will create a better future for yourself and your family. You’ve worked hard with Promise through challenges. You’ve made new connections, learned about resources, and made progress toward your goals. You’ve celebrated successes, big and small.

You are Promise! Share your journey and achievements with us and others! Your experiences can inspire others to take steps to create better futures for themselves and their families. Join other Promise youth and family members as they celebrate and share their Promise experience.


Use the hashtag #PromiseWIStories on Facebook and Twitter:

  • Take a selfie – add the hashtag #PromiseWIStories
  • Share your story – add the hashtag #PromiseWIStories
  • Connect with other Promise youth and families – search #PromiseWIStories

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If you don’t use social media or have questions, let us know. We’ll get you started!