Promise Youth Could Benefit from Section 301!

section 301 dad and son

We are excited to share a new flyer highlighting the Social Security work incentive Section 301. This little known work incentive is becoming much more common in Wisconsin.

How Does It Work?

Social Security conducts medical reviews for everyone who receives a Social Security disability benefit. When someone loses their disability status during this process, they might be eligible for this work incentive. To use Section 301, someone has to be engaged in a job program or vocational plan which leads to self-sufficiency and moving off of benefits.

Meet Camila

What situations might make someone eligible? Let’s take a look at an example.

Camila just turned 18, and Social Security determined that she doesn’t have a disability which meets the adult disability requirements. She is working with her DVR counselor and has an IEP at school. Camila’s plan is to graduate from the community college with a child care certificate. She plans to complete the program in 2 years. If Camila reaches this goal, she will earn too much to be eligible for SSI payments.

Social Security will continue to pay Camila SSI payments while she is engaged and enrolled in an approved vocational plan. Camila is also eligible for the continued Section 301 payments because her wages are expected to be high enough that she wouldn’t be eligible for an SSI payment anyway.

How Do I Find More?

There are so many different variations we see for Section 301. Contact a benefits specialist or Social Security if you have questions about your eligibility.

Check out the Section 301 flyer and share with people you know!

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