Northwest Wisconsin Family – Work Stories

Challenges and Goals: In Northwest Wisconsin, a mom and her teenager with autism met with their Wisconsin Promise DVR Counselor.  The mom was worried.  She wasn’t sure if it was possible for her son to work in the community.

Choices and Opportunities: The DVR Counselor listened to the mom’s concerns.  She moved slowly with the family, making sure not to push, reiterating informed choice and letting the mom know that the employment plan was hers and her son’s and they would never do anything she was not comfortable with.

Together they decided on a supported employment assessment at the local library.  A supported employment assessment helps individuals consider employment options, explore job possibilities, anticipate job support needs, and create a plan for successful employment. The service provider who performed the assessment was carefully chosen by the family.  The supported employment assessment was a very positive experience.

Promising Progress:  The family is now planning a second supported employment assessment and is looking to start a trial work experience.  Now the mother is starting to think of her own career, something she had put on hold a long time ago.  She is planning to go to technical college to complete an Accounting Degree she started 20 years ago.


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