Northeast Wisconsin Family – Work Stories

Challenges and Goals: In Northeast Wisconsin, a youth with congenital heart disease is interested in becoming a chef.

Choices and Opportunities: She worked with a job developer, who partnered with her to find an 8 week paid work experience as a baker’s assistance.  This work experience provided information on her work tolerance related to her congenital heart disease and now they are exploring additional opportunities together.

Promising Progress:  With this success, the family asked the Wisconsin Promise DVR Counselor to also work with the youth’s brother.  He has pending criminal charges and had been job searching without success.  The Wisconsin Promise DVR Counselor worked with the family to find a Job Developer who was able to help the brother find a job at a restaurant within a week. He now works 30 hours a week and his manager reports he is a great asset to the team.  With support from Wisconsin Promise, he also completed his GED.


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