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Challenges and Goals: In the Milwaukee area, Craig, an 18 year old with a learning disability, is personable, polite, helpful, and kind.  He likes working with his hands, learning new things, carpentry, and mechanics.

Choices and Opportunities: Craig, his mom, Wisconsin Promise, and his school have all partnered on working towards his employment goals.  At school, he has been successful doing retail stocking, worked one-on-one with the school engineer small equipment repair, building cleaning, and mail delivery.  His job developer helped connect him to a trial work experience at Walgreens.

Promising Progress: Walgreens reports that Craig’s performance is exemplary, one of the best ever seen, and he will likely be hired as a permanent employee. He is receiving some job coaching, as he is shy and soft-spoken, so his job coach is assisting him with improved customer service.  His mom is working as a full time security guard, is taking a first time home buyer’s class, and is very caring and supportive of her son.

At the end of January, Craig will have reached his 90 days of employment at Walgreens and he will start the next round of training through Promise called Skills To Pay The Bills. He will also start working with one of the Promise financial coaches to set up an IDA. Before the end of the month Deia, his Promise DVR Counselor, will do one more visit to Walgreens check in with him and the employer.

Update on Craig from his Wisconsin Promise Counselor:  “I just talked to Craig a day or two ago and he’s still working at Walgreens and they are offering him more hours. He is even working the register now and without job coaching. I’m so proud of him!”

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  1. I have known Craig since he was in the CATP program at Boston Store and Sinai. I have watched him grow and develop into a young man with a promising future. Well Done Craig!

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