Miguel’s Story: A Family Moving Forward Together

portrait of miguel framed by white outline and orange background

Miguel just opened up a Promise Matched Savings Account with the goal of purchasing a laptop! This is just one of several goals he’s accomplished with the support of his family and Promise Counselor.

Promise’s Tailored Services are Crucial to Success

Miguel, whose first work experience goal is to work as a grocery bagger, has a diagnosis of Autism and has little verbalization. He and his family speak only Spanish at home, so their access to Spanish interpreting services has been crucial to his success with Wisconsin Promise. His Promise Counselor uses a language line to speak to him and his family on the phone, and schedules an in-person interpreter for meetings in her office.

Miguel’s Feedback Improved Promise Services!

Miguel also completed Promise’s Skills to Pay the Bills class. He did this with the assistance of a bilingual line therapist who has been working with him for many years, and an interpreter to help him learn in his primary language. Prior to the class, his Promise Counselor worked closely with him to make sure that he would be able to fully participate in spite of his significant disability and use of Spanish as his primary language. She observed Miguel in his home and talked in-depth to the language-line therapist about what to expect. She reported what she learned from his experiences to Promise staff, and changes were made to the Promise program to provide inclusion-based training to Promise’s service providers. This was a great way to make constructive feedback count!

Partnering with Promise to Achieve Goals

Using her established relationships with service providers, Miguel’s Promise Counselor was also able to quickly arrange for Miguel and his family to receive financial coaching services from the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation, using interpreter services provided by Promise. This resulted in his opening his Promise Matched Savings Account to meet his goal of buying a laptop.

A Promise Case Coordinator and a Benefits Specialist also pitched in to help Miguel and his family reach their goals. The Case Coordinator, who is Latino, sat in on meetings, set up a referral with a Benefits Specialist to resolve a benefits crisis, and served as a resource when a crime was committed against the family.

Supporting and Celebrating Success!

Miguel and his family are well on their way to meeting their educational and career goals. Their Promise Counselor, with the support of the entire Promise team, is continuing to meet with them regularly to support their progress and celebrate their successes!