Promise Matched Savings Accounts: Could You Use an Extra $1000?

Could you use extra money for any of these purchases…

New laptop computer? A car? Training or certification? College course? School loans?

If these or other purchases could help you reach your work, school, or self-sufficiency goals, you may want to consider a Promise Matched Savings Account.

A Benefit for Wisconsin Promise Families

We are very pleased to offer Matched Savings Accounts to Wisconsin Promise teens and families. These savings accounts can help you save money to reach your employment, school, or self-sufficiency goals!

There’s another HUGE benefit:
Once you save at least $250, you’ll receive a $1,000 match from the PROMISE program! That’s a total of $1,250 you can use in achieving your goals.

Who can open an account?

Both Promise youth participants and a family / household member may be eligible to open an account.

Not sure how to save money?

We can help. As part of the Matched Savings Account program, you will receive expert financial advice and ideas to help you meet your savings goal and invest in your future.

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Contact your Promise VR Counselor to find out more.

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Here's a printed overview of Promise Matched Savings Accounts.

Matched Savings Account Flyer

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  1. Hi I just seen ur site and would like to know more info on certain programs that would benefit my kids and would love to get some more info on the Matched Savings Acct. Program

  2. The savings program will able to pay tuition for college and schools fees, and for camp.

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