Kevin Smith

a little bit about me…

I have worked on the PROMISE program as a financial coach and now in my new role as a benefits specialist. I’ve learned how intimidating and complicated medical and financial assistance can be and am happy to go the extra mile to help the families I work with.

My mom raised my brother and me in northern Illinois after I was born in California. Having a single mom, we didn’t have much growing up and that’s why I’m cheap now, but also try to appreciate everything I have. Having confidence and believing in myself doesn’t always come easy for me, but I would support others with endless amounts of patience and encouragement and hope to help others avoid some of my mistakes by sharing my own experiences. I have struggled with depression and social anxiety most of my life, so if you have ever felt the same, I know exactly how you feel. I love finding life hacks, taking road trips and singing really loud in the car (even though I can’t sing), I am a professional Candy Crusher, and hope to adopt my first dog soon and might even become a foster parent!

What’s your role in Promise?

Community Partner

What’s a hidden talent of yours?

I am pretty skilled with computers. I’ve taught my mom to use one and do lots of troubleshooting with her, mostly over the phone too!

What is your favorite cheese (this is Wisconsin after all!)?

I’m not sure how “Wisconsin” it is, but I love goat cheese!

What is something you have never tried, but always wanted to do?

I have always wanted to go hang gliding. On a good day, you can stay up for 3 hours and travel up to 150 miles!

What is something you would like to get better at?

I would like to be more creative and be able to design graphics and websites – visuals are so important in learning.

What is your favorite way to spend a day?

I like to start my day enjoying a cup of coffee while I play Candy Crush and check my Instagram account. Having time to spend with friends and adding a bit of healthy exercise always helps make a day great. I’m very easily entertained and if I enjoy the company I’m with, I could do anything and be happy!

More About Me…

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