Jennifer Gundlach Klatt

Jennifer Gundlach Klatt

a little bit about me…

Part of my job at UW-Stout is working on the Wisconsin Promise grant within social media marketing. I love my job and the team I work with, there’s always something new to learn. I live out in the country with my husband Chad, 16 year-old son Reyse, and our Great Pyrenees Rocky. Some of my hobbies are; running, snowshoeing, and reading.

What’s your role in Promise?

Community Partner

What’s a hidden talent of yours?

I’m a DIYer. I can drywall, paint, tile… I like to find something old and make it look new again.

What is your favorite cheese (this is Wisconsin after all!)?

I LOVE all cheese!!!

What is something you have never tried, but always wanted to do?

Tackle a marathon…maybe some day.

What is something you would like to get better at?


What is your favorite way to spend a day?

With my family eating a great meal and good conversation.

More About Me…

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