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a little bit about me…

I am an Assistive Technologist at the Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute (SVRI) and also part of Wisconsin’s Assistive Technology Program, WisTech. I live in the country with my husband, Luke, and our dog, Zip. Zip is a Poogle (toy poodle mixed with a beagle). Luke and I enjoy kayaking with Zip. We also enjoy golfing, volleyball, and snowboarding.

What’s your role in Promise?

Community Partner

What’s a hidden talent of yours?

Making jewelry. I made all the jewelry for my wedding.

What is your favorite cheese (this is Wisconsin after all!)?

Love it all!

What is something you have never tried, but always wanted to do?

The greatest adventure on my bucket list is to cage dive with great white sharks. I have loved sharks since I was a kid.

What is something you would like to get better at?

Playing the guitar

What is your favorite way to spend a day?

Being outside, preferably by a lake or river with my friends/family.

More About Me…

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