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Promise Services

All of these services are offered to you through Promise. We have a team of people ready to help you and your family achieve your work and learning goals. Find out more about these services and get started by contacting your DVR counselor.

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  • Work Incentives Benefits Counseling

    Did you know you can work even if you receive disability benefits? It’s true. If you have disability benefits and want to work, program rules called work incentives make work possible. Find out more about benefits counseling

  • Make Your Money Talk! Financial Capability Building

    Develop skills and knowledge to plan for your financial well-being. Get practical information to improve your quality of life and money matters. More about Financial Counseling

  • Family Advocacy Training

    People with disabilities can and do find rewarding jobs. Having paid work experiences while still in high school and other activities can make all the difference in the future of your child. More about Family Advocacy Training

  • Soft Skills Training for Teens

    Teen participants get practical, hands-on techniques for communicating at school and work, problem solving, making decisions, and more. More about Soft Skills Training

  • Advocacy Counseling & Training for Teens

    Self-advocacy means speaking up for yourself. It requires knowledge of your personal strengths and challenges, understanding of rights as a citizen, and taking action to make your needs known to others. Become a better Self-Advocate

  • Telehealth Behavior Consultation Services

    Being a teenager is not easy and parenting a teenager can be even more challenging. Telehealth Behavior Consultation Services available through Wisconsin Promise can support you and provide strategies to deal with difficult behaviors. Experience Telehealth

  • Promise Matched Savings Accounts

    For every $1.00 you contribute to your savings account, Wisconsin Promise contributes $4.00! That’s money you can use in achieving your work and school goals. Start Saving Today with Promise

  • Health & Wellness

    How do you deal with stress? Could changes in how you eat increase your energy? How can you be more active when you don’t have extra time? Find out more tips and access resources about living healthy


Customized Services for You

What questions or information would be most helpful to you and your family to achieve your work and school goals? We can work with you to develop a custom plan.

  • Drop out prevention
  • Family career supports such as GED completion
  • Skill development
  • Continuing education and career advancement
  • Transportation assistance
  • Housing and living arrangements assistance
  • Other needs as defined by you!

These are just some of the ways Promise can work with your family. Tell us what you would find helpful!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wisconsin Promise services are specially designed for young people with special needs and their families. A team of professionals gathered by your DVR counselor will all work together with you and your family to develop an individualized plan to help prepare for your teen’s transition from high school.

Your whole family can receive services such as…

  • Assistance with identifying teen school goals or work goals
  • Exploring youth job options
  • Planning for college or other training programs and assistance with applications
  • Helping the youth get a job of their choice
  • Supporting the youth on the job
  • Helping the family better understand their benefits

You will not be required to travel if your teen was selected to receive Wisconsin Promise services. Your DVR Counselor and other members of your team will come to your home or a location most convenient to you.

There may be opportunities to attend some meetings outside of your home or at your child’s school, and in these cases, our team will work with you to accommodate your needs and schedules.

Some trainings and information can be accessed using the internet.

Talk to your DVR Counselor for more information.

No, as long as your child is 16 years old at the time of enrollment, they will be able to remain in the program. Your child is enrolled once we receive the completed and signed parent consent form and the youth assent form.

For more questions and answers about the PROMISE project, download the Promise Evaluation Questions and Answers (pdf)

Teens and families selected to participate in Wisconsin Promise will be assigned a benefits counselor who will assist your family with benefits counseling, planning, and management. The benefits counselor will help your child and whole family learn how to can earn money and understand Social Security benefits.

Family members also will be eligible to attend financial literacy training and information sessions to help them gain more financial knowledge and independence.

Great question! The best way to get started or find out more about Promise can help you is to connect with your VR Counselor.

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