Enroll in Wisconsin Promise

Enrollment is now open for Wisconsin Promise. Enrollment is limited and ends April 30, 2016. Find out more about who’s participating.


To make sure your enrollment forms are received by April 28th please fax your enrollment forms to us at 715.232.5008, or meet with one of our Promise team members by calling 855-480-5618. We cannot guarantee your enrollment unless your fully completed forms are received by April 28th.

Get Your Enrollment Forms

Who’s Eligible?

  • Youth age 14 to 16 who are SSI (Social Security Supplemental Security Income) recipients are eligible to participate in this program.
  • Promise Services are for both youth and their family members.
  • Interested youth, parents, or guardians can check to see if they are eligible by contacting us. 

Why Enroll?

Promise helps youth and families achieve school and work goals.

  • Families who participate will receive $30 in gift cards
  • Have a 50% chance to receive a computer tablet and additional services.
  • More about how Promise helps…

How to Enroll

Choose an enrollment method that works best for you.

Have Questions? 

Do you have more questions or need more information?

Instructions: Completing the enrollment packet at home.

If you have received an enrollment packet in the mail or would like to download them from this website, you may complete the paper consent and intake form at home, print, and mail them to us! Note: You will need to have access to a printer for this option. Please contact us to request a paper copy in the mail if printing is not an option for you: call our toll-free number at 1-855-480-5618 or send us an email.

Instructions: Completing the enrollment packet in person.

If you have questions regarding the enrollment process or are responding to another outreach approach, such as a flyer or advertisement, you can contact us by email or by toll-free phone at 1-855.480.5618.  We will connect you with someone in your area who will explain the project and help you fill out the forms.

Si usted tiene alguna pregunta o necesita ayuda para completar los formularios de inscripción, por favor pónganse en contacto con nosotros usando nuestro formulario de contacto o llame al 1-855-480-5618.

Who’s Participating in Promise?