Ellie’s Updates: Enrollment Increases to 165 in Wisconsin Promise

I’m pleased to share some updates and information on individuals enrolling in Wisconsin Promise. The goal of Wisconsin Promise is to enroll 2,000 youth (between the ages of 14-16) receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and their families. Half of those who sign up for Wisconsin Promise are selected to participate in Promise Services.

Currently, 165 youth have signed up for Promise. Of those youth, 80 individuals and their families were randomly assigned (through a lottery) to receive Promise Services.

Promise Services

Promise Services are coordinated by the Wisconsin Promise DVR Counselors and Case Coordinators (pictured above).  Recently I had the opportunity to talk to them about why youth and families are enrolling in Wisconsin Promise. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Youth think Promise is a really good thing  
  • Youth think Promise is a really good thing  
  • Parents have said they don’t want their kids or themselves to rely on SSI  
  • One youth said he/she wants to get a job and needs help  
  • Dad happy to have a resource (youth does not have IEP  or 504)  
  • iPad available through Promise  
  • Youth wants to be in a leadership position in his/her future career  
  • Parent couldn’t believe this was available to the family  
  • Looking forward for help with navigating different benefit systems and programs  
  • Something available for this age cohort (most transition services are for older youth)  

Wisconsin is one of six sites nationwide participating in the U.S. Department of Education’s demonstration of a promising path to success for youth receiving SSI. Youth and families in Wisconsin Promise are starting to identify their educational and employment goals. They will and are starting to receive services to help them meet these goals. These services are outlined in a table that lists a menu of services that are available through Wisconsin Promise.

For information about who is eligible to enroll and how youth and families can enroll in Wisconsin, please visit the Wisconsin Promise enrollment information page.

Stay tuned for more blog updates on Wisconsin Promise! You can also download my recent program update presentation (pdf).

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