DVR Promise Team Contact Information

DVR Promise Project Management

Name Position Area Covered Office Phone Mobile Phone E‐mail
Meredith Dressel Project Director Statewide 608‐381‐7518
Ellie Hartman Project Manager Statewide 608-261-0215 608‐445‐7419


Wisconsin Promise Services Counselors and Case Coordinator Team

Name Position Area Covered Office Phone Mobile Phone E‐mail
Lukas Jensen Consumer Case Coordinator Statewide 608‐261-0335
Kelvin Hogans Consumer Case Coordinator Milwaukee 414‐266‐1267 608‐322‐5148
Nicole Luebbers DVR Counselor Madison and South Central 608‐261‐6990 608‐852‐1307
Sherri Evans DVR Counselor Milwaukee 414-266-1274 414-322-5421
Sue Kratz DVR Counselor Milwaukee 414‐266‐1257 414‐308‐2639
Daniesha Perry DVR Counselor Milwaukee 414‐266‐1273
Megan Russell DVR Counselor Milwaukee 414‐266‐1265
Brittany Walker DVR Counselor Milwaukee 414-266-1275 414-239-3888
Tania Hanford DVR Counselor Eastern 920-424-7901 920‐479‐0433
Amy Ten Haken DVR Counselor Northeast 920‐366‐7603
Joe Capelle DVR Counselor Fond du Lac Area 920-929-3958
Jenna Goddeyne DVR Counselor Appleton Area 920-968-6970
Jackie Meyer DVR Counselor Northwest 715-422-5095 715-459-4547
Caralee Morrison DVR Counselor North Central 715-315-0593
Sean Inderbitzen Case Coordinator West Central 715-931-0148
Roxanne Powell DVR Counselor La Crosse Area and Southwestern 608-386-5801
Annie Mesich DVR Counselor Madison and South Central 608-261-2130 608-535-7451
Mike Johnson DVR Counselor Green and Rock Counties and South Central 608-741-3508 608-290-0587
Autumn Marzette DVR Counselor Southeast 262‐752‐6396
Kitra Thomas DVR Counselor Southeast 262‐638‐2791 262‐977‐3364


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