DVR Promise Team Contact Information

DVR Promise Project Management

Name Position Area Covered Office Phone Mobile Phone E‐mail
Meredith Dressel Project Director Statewide 608‐381‐7518
Ellie Hartman Project Manager Statewide 608-261-0215 608‐445‐7419


Wisconsin Promise Services Counselors and Case Coordinator Team

Name Position Area Covered Office Phone Mobile Phone E‐mail
Lukas Jensen Consumer Case Coordinator Statewide 608‐261-0335
Kelvin Hogans Consumer Case Coordinator Milwaukee 414‐266‐1267 608‐322‐5148
Nicole Luebbers DVR Counselor Madison and South Central 608‐261‐6990 608‐852‐1307
Heidi Aringer DVR Counselor Milwaukee 414‐266‐1264
Sherri Evans DVR Counselor Milwaukee 414-266-1274 414-322-5421
Sue Kratz DVR Counselor Milwaukee 414‐266‐1257 414‐308‐2639
Daniesha Perry DVR Counselor Milwaukee 414‐266‐1273
Megan Schumann DVR Counselor Milwaukee 414‐266‐1265
Brittany Walker DVR Counselor Milwaukee 414-266-1275 414-239-3888
Lauren Peterson DVR Counselor Milwaukee 414-266-1262
Tania Hanford DVR Counselor Eastern 920-424-7901 920‐479‐0433
Amy Ten Haken DVR Counselor Northeast 920‐366‐7603
Joe Capelle DVR Counselor Fond du Lac Area 920-929-3958
Jenna Goddeyne DVR Counselor Appleton Area 920-968-6970
Jackie Meyer DVR Counselor Northwest 715-422-5095 715-459-4547
Caralee Morrison DVR Counselor North Central 715-315-0593
Crystal Kothbauer DVR Counselor West Central 715-559-1228
Roxanne Powell DVR Counselor La Crosse Area and Southwestern 608-386-5801
Annie Mesich DVR Counselor Madison and South Central 608-261-2130 608-535-7451
Mike Johnson DVR Counselor Green and Rock Counties and South Central 608-741-3508 608-290-0587
Autumn Marzette DVR Counselor Southeast 262‐752‐6396
Kitra Thomas DVR Counselor Southeast 262‐638‐2791 262‐977‐3364


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