Aidan’s Story: Going Above and Beyond to Reach His Goals

aidan and his counselor roxanne

Aidan was able to develop his self-advocacy skills and get on the path to success by participating in Wisconsin Promise. He learned to use his diagnosis of Autism as a tool for self-insight and personal growth, galvanizing his vocational goals to help others the best he can.

“Without Promise, I wouldn’t have had the self-advocacy skills to turn my life around, let alone help others in need.” Adian

As a Junior at Platteville High School, Aidan loves writing, teaching, and technology. His grades and ACT scores demonstrate he has what it takes to get into a great college and pursue a degree in Special Education. He’s working with his Wisconsin Promise Counselor, Roxanne, to gain work experience that will help him develop and reach his long-term academic and employment goals.

Aidan Speaks

Wisconsin Promise inspired Aidan to start an on-line self-advocacy project called Aidan Speaks. Aidan uses this project to work toward his goal of becoming a prominent public speaker and advocate for those with disabilities. He looks for opportunities to go above and beyond whenever he can: he has written grants for his high school’s special education department, joined the WI Youth Leadership Forum, spoken at school events, and entered writing contests to name a few. Recently, Aidan won a second-place award for the Autism Society of Wisconsin’s Essay Contest.

Aidan hopes he can teach others what he has learned in Promise. You can learn more about Aidan and his journey to help others.

Aidan is a youth with Promise!